Spiritual Gifts Evaluation

This evaluation is designed to help you discover your spiritual gifts. There are no wrong answers. All answers are right answers. For each statement, simply click on the circle that corresponds with how you much you agree with that statement. When you're done, click on the Submit button on the bottom of the page.

1. I am drawn to a life without sexual fulfillment.
2. I am aware of the presence of evil spirits in certain persons, places, and things.
3. I enjoy being called on to assist others in a variety of ways.
4. I enjoy supporting people in their special ministries.
5. I don't have to think much to reach decisions; most of the time the alternatives seem very obvious.
6. I trust God rather than circumstances.
7. I am able to counsel effectively the perplexed, guilty, or the addicted.
8. Because of my intercession, God has acted in a direct way to bring about a healing.
9. I am willing to do time-consuming detail work to aid others.
10. I feel that when I speak on church matters, people listen and gain something from what I say.
11. I find that the Lord works actively through me to bring wholeness to other people.
12. When I pray, healing occurs.
13. I enjoy developing ways of presenting material so that others are able to more easily learn.
14. I am persistent in prayer for others.
15. I can inspire people to do things that need to be done.
16. I am single and am enjoying it.
17. I graciously provide food and lodging to those in need.
18. I fit in easily and feel at home with people whose lifestyles differ from my own.
19. In the name of the Lord, I have been used to miraculously change circumstances.
20. When praying for someone to be healed, I feel a deep awareness of the presence of God.
21. I take prayer requests seriously.
22. I am comfortable and effective in projects that necessitate my being around many different congregations.
23. I easily delegate important responsibilities to others.
24. I believe God will keep His promises in spite of circumstantial evidence.
25. I am eager to interpret if someone begins to speak in tongues.
26. I like meeting new people.
27. When I give a message in tongues, it is a profoundly moving experience.
28. I have been used as an instrument for God's supernatural change in lives and events.
29. I feel fulfilled in my Christian vocation by accepting responsibilities that seldom get me in the limelight.
30. I am willing to take orders rather than to give them.
31. I long to pray with others that may receive Christ as Lord and Savior.
32. I am able to organize ideas, people, things and time for more effective ministry.
33. I have spoken out in tongues at a prayer meeting.
34. I apprise (to inform) others of spiritual dangers.
35. God answers my prayers for others in a tangible way.
36. I clearly perceive the difference between good and evil.
37. At times God has intervened to do impossible things through me.
38. I enjoy overseeing work that needs to be done.
39. I am able to set goals and to make effective plans to reach them.
40. I have insights of truth which bring enlightenment to other Christians.
41. I have a knack for making strangers feel at home.
42. I perceive evil in time to combat it effectively.
43. I say things which I feel to be God's truth and often find in doing so I irritate people.
44. I feel indifferent towards being married.
45. I have interpreted tongues in a way that is not divisive.
46. I feel that God gives me a message in tongues for the assembled church even though I am too timid to speak.
47. Other Christians seek me out for encouragement and guidance.
48. I clearly perceive the difference between truth and error.
49. I am intuitive in my understanding of people's needs.
50. If feel that my actions are in accord with God's will, I do not consider the consequences of those actions.
51. I feel blessed by helping someone who is "down and out".
52. I speak out boldly concerning what I feel is God's will in specific situations.
53. I enjoy explaining what something means.
54. I trust in the presence and in the power of God to do the impossible.
55. I have an inspired awareness of facts of God.
56. I like being responsible for imparting knowledge to others.
57. I am able to recognize key and important facts of the Scriptures.
58. Suffering physical persecution for my faith is not a major concern.
59. I know and am well-known by others for whom I am a spiritual and emotional support.
60. I feel confident in directing others towards accomplishing a goal.
61. I liberally give things or money to the Lord's work.
62. I can explain passages in the Bible so that others are able to discover what the passage means.
63. I receive a word from God which enlightens my prayer or ministry.
64. I enjoy taking responsibility for the spiritual growth of other Christians.
65. I "hang in there" because God said to.
66. I feel useful when doing routine things if they will help someone else.
67. I would enjoy being able to start new churches in a different culture.
68. I am verbally encouraging to those who are wavering, troubled or discouraged.
69. Praying for others is as natural to me as trying to help them.
70. I will joyfully stick my neck out if I feel that God wants me to.
71. I feel called to be sent out by my church to start new ministries.
72. I give away more than 10% of my income.
73. I am sought out by others for healing prayers.
74. I minister to others by helping them clarify alternatives and by making them aware of the Spirit within them.
75. I like to share what I have with others for the extension of God's kingdom.
76. I have spoken in tongues which were interpreted by another in public.
77. I would like to visit a different culture in order to evangelize.
78. I feel God gives me a message for the assembled church, though I may be afraid to speak out.
79. I visit people who are in hospitals, jail or nursing homes, and feel blessed by it.
80. When I take charge of a project, my concern is divided between reaching the goal that has been set, and taking care of the welfare of those who work with me.
81. By nature I am a "Good Samaritan".
82. I am able to recognize the spiritual gifts of others.
83. I feel a yearning to learn another language in order to minister to a different people.
84. I have lost friends because of stands that I felt I had to take because of my Christian faith.
85. I can communicate timely and urgent messages which I feel come directly from God.
86. I feel that God gives me the interpretation to a message in tongues, even though I'm uneasy about speaking out.
87. I feel fulfilled when I assist those who feel defeated.
88. I can talk easily with prisoners or lonely shut-ins.
89. I am glad to have more time to serve the Lord because I am single.
90. I share joyfully with others about why I am a Christian.
91. I enjoy proclaiming the Gospel to other congregations for the purpose of building up the Body of Christ.
92. I am able to lead a group in making decisions.
93. I verbally challenge those who seem spiritually apathetic.
94. When someone speaks out in tongues, God gives me the interpretations.
95. I continue to seek out friends and acquaintances who do not go to church, in order to bring them to my church.
96. I go out of my way to be available to someone needing support, particularly Christians who have questions about their faith.
97. I feel fulfilled by giving time for the benefit of others who are in need.
98. I live to do the work of the Lord with delight and love.
99. I am able to make a stranger feel comfortable in my home, at meetings, or at church.
100. I am happy to talk about my Christian faith at my work or in social and community gatherings.